Jodi Chambers-Wilson

20 Years Income Tax Experience
 Tax Accountant
Tax Analyst


11 Year Tax Law Instructor
12 Years Specializing in NR & Foreign Visa holders tax returns

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James Chambers

40 Years Income Tax Experience

Enrolled Agent





In partnership with
Jodi Chambers-Wilson of
JCW Tax Accounting
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Tax Preparation Classes

These 3 income tax sessions will (together) prepare the students to complete the most common tax returns. The curriculum was designed to better prepare the students to understand and comprehend the upcoming IRS regulated tax preparer testing.


In addition, each student who completes and passes this 3 part course will receive their “Preparers Tax Identification Number” (PTIN) and be eligible to interview for part-time work with leading tax preparation companies in Jacksonville. Each graduate will be provided with a Certificate of Completion from both FSCJ and JCW Tax Accounting.






  Class Title:      Individual Tax Preparation Classes








Here is the Saturday schedule for the three parts...10am-1pm, 1-2 lunch, 2-5pm...


Class                                  Dates                          Ref #
TAX0095 (basic)            9-3 thru 9-24               354539
TAX0096 (inter)            10-8 thru 10-29             354544
                                  TAX0097 (advanced)   11-12 thru 12-10           354546    no class on 11-26


For further information, please contact the
Institute for Financial Studies at


(904) 381-5555 or indicating TAX PREP.




Florida State College at Jacksonville 
3939 Roosevelt Blvd. Jacksonville, Florida 32205
Phone: 904-381-3555  Fax: 904-381-3605







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